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The Latest Rumors Say Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Will Follow the Adventures of a Young Aragorn

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. Also, a horse.
Viggo Mortensen as a not-so-young Aragorn. New Line

Amazon reportedly spent quite a chunk of change on securing the rights to make a Lord of the Rings series—try $250 million—but if new rumors about the plot are to be believed, that money won’t go to waste. Fan site tweeted Wednesday that it has confirmed with “multiple sources” that at least the first season of the prequel series will focus on Aragorn, which is a great choice on Amazon’s part.

Aragorn (also known as Son of Arathorn, Elessar, Strider, and like, a billion other nicknames) is already a well-known and well-liked character, after being played by Viggo Mortensen in Peter Jackson’s movies. Thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien’s attention to detail, however, he also still has a rich backstory left to explore. If the rumor about the series is true, then Amazon should know one thing: that the independently produced fan film Born of Hope beat them to it in 2009.