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After the Stunning Success of “Be Best,” Conan Looks at Some of Melania Trump’s Other Campaign Ideas

Things are moving so quickly with the Trump administration’s corruption scandals that it’s getting hard for late night hosts to find time for what’s really important: making fun of Trump and his cronies’ dumbest non-corruption-related ideas. Fortunately, Conan O’Brien is stepping up to fill the gap left by his colleagues with this brief, merciless riff on Melania Trump’s ill-conceived, worse-named “Be Best” campaign. Whether “Be Best” is a deliberately bad slogan or a passive-aggressive critique of the president, one thing is certain: It’s a horrible name for a White House program. But as Conan reveals, things could have gone a lot worse.

The host runs down a list of rejected ideas for the first lady’s public agenda, and although none of them have the simple, half-brained purity of “Be Best”—her fitness program “America Fat Stop No” comes the closest—they’re still pretty stupid and funny. And Conan’s suggestions have one significant advantage over “Be Best,” at least when it comes to national embarrassment: none of Conan’s ideas are real.