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The Daily Show Makes Its Own Racial Sensitivity Training Video for Starbucks Employees

Starbucks stores around the country closed on Tuesday afternoon for racial bias training after two black men were arrested at one of its Philadelphia locations for the crime of simply being there. Starbucks employees need to learn about implicit bias more than ever, said The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah on Tuesday night, “especially since, as of this afternoon, Roseanne started working for them.”

Correspondent and “diversity technician” Roy Wood Jr. must agree, since he made his very own training video for Starbucks to use. White employees, please consider the following advice: Don’t throw a basketball at black customers, don’t write a racial slur on someone’s drink order, and please, please don’t call the police just because a nonwhite person needs to use the bathroom. If that seems like a lot to have to remember, try this useful mnemonic device: DON’T BE RACIST.

(OK, that doesn’t actually stand for anything, but it should be more than easy enough to remember, anyway.)