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Suit Up for the First Official Incredibles 2 Trailer

Millennials and animation fans have been awaiting an Incredibles sequel for over a decade now, and this summer we’re finally going to get our wish. After several tantalizing teasers, Incredibles 2, the sequel to Pixar’s Oscar-winning superhero satire, just released its first official trailer. The whole Parr gang is back and ready for action.

The preview kicks off with an extended gag focused on antagonistic siblings Violet and Dash, before delving into the film’s real action—or, for dad Bob, lack thereof. Trouble unfolds for the superfamily when mom Helen is chosen for a big-time superhero PR job that takes her away from home. Left to attend to his combustible infant, belligerent young son, and angsty teenage daughter alone, Bob begins to feel overwhelmed. Oh, also, the mole people from the end of the first film are back and ready to mix it up.

The trailer brings back all of the original film’s most beloved faces: Frozone (and his semi-problematic, off-screen nagging wife) returns, and Edna Mode is back to save us all from fashion tragedy. Prepare to be charmed.