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The Daily Show’s “A Series of Gunfortunate Events” Goes After Good Guys With Guns

Another anti-gun–violence school walkout is planned for Friday. In anticipation, Trevor Noah went after one of the NRA’s most contentious myths: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.” In a new segment, “A Series of Gunfortunate events,” The Daily Show examined just how those “good guys,” also known as armed civilians, have been doing.

From an actual Parkland, Florida, teacher leaving his gun unattended to a third-grader successfully stealing a cop’s gun, the rundown is predictably depressing. There is a bright spot, however, when Trevor Noah lampoons the latter event: “He’s only in third grade, but he’s already handling guns at a tenth-grade level.”

Hopefully as this next round of walkouts unfurls, legislative change will grow even closer. (One Florida school district had to cancel its walkouts due to a school shooting, so it seems the time for change was yesterday.) Until then, as Noah puts it, “Tune in next time, when a baby fires off a gun on the Senate floor.”