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Constance Wu Flies High in Crazy Rich Asians Official Trailer

As Hollywood diversity inches forward, romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians will mark significant progress for broader racial representation on screen. The film, which follows Rachel (Constance Wu) as she discovers her longtime boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) is exorbitantly wealthy, just dropped its first official trailer today. From the looks of it, this romantic romp, which centers on a destination wedding in Singapore and features an entirely Asian cast, will be every bit as insane and captivating as the eponymous novel by Kevin Kwan.


As SNL’s Stefon would say, this trailer has everything.* Muscular dudes! Catty mothers-in-law! Sassy Awkwafina! Gatsby-esque parties! Synchronized swimmers! It also sports a few chuckle-worthy quips, especially from leading lady Constance Wu. The Fresh Off the Boat actress has proved to be a formidable talent on the small screen, so it’s great to see her recognized in this studio revelry. “What about us taking an adventure east?” Nick proposes to Rachel at the beginning of the preview. Her befuddled, charming response: “Like, Queens?”

Crazy Rich Asians, which hits theaters Aug. 30, will no doubt spark a lot of conversation as it tries to blaze a trail for more Asian-led films. Until then, feel free to enjoy the carousal, the stunning outfits, and Henry Golding’s crazy abs.

Correction, April 24, 2018: This article originally misspelled Stefon, Bill Hader’s iconic Saturday Night Live character, as “Stefan.”