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The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj Explains (With Memes!) What It Would Take to Impeach Trump

With Trump reportedly considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, the topic on everyone’s mind seems once again to be impeachment. To figure out what it would take to boot Trump out of office, The Daily Show called on correspondent Hasan Minhaj, who breaks down the process as part of his recurring segment, “Hasan the Record.” As anyone who has seen past installments of the bit knows, this is much more than some dry lecture on the meaning of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” because Minhaj delivers the information as a self-parodying, YouTube-ready personality who explains complex topics using snazzy graphics and terms that try desperately to appeal to Gen Z.


Dab your way to an understanding of advanced civics with Minhaj, who compares Congress to the Distracted Boyfriend meme and consults with constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz. The conclusion? Don’t get your hopes up, woke baes, since there’s actually no precedent for a president being impeached and evicted from office, and the chances of Congress swiping left on the president are even slimmer as long as Republicans control both houses. “But don’t lose faith. No president has ever bragged about his dick size in a debate, either,” Minhaj reassured his viewers. “And hey, maybe after four years of Trump, Americans will know better than to vote another Trump into office.”

You can keep track of Trump’s impeachment chances on a given day with Slate’s own Impeach-O-Meter, a wildly subjective estimate of the chances that Trump will leave office before his term is up. This is the future liberals want, after all.