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Netflix Has Discovered the Formula for the Most Potentially Viral Show of All Time, and No One Is Safe

After years of research and tinkering away in their laboratory, the mad scientists over at Netflix may have created a television show with quite possibly more potential for virality than any that has come before. Based on the first trailer for the streaming service’s new, sinister creation, A Little Help From Carol Burnett, the ingredients are as follows:

• one (1) beloved octogenarian comedienne
• use of the term “on fleek”
• cute children, aged 5–9, saying irreverent things
• an eclectic gaggle of celebrities
• a person over the age of 80 using Instagram and Siri

Prepare your fallout shelter for May 4, because that’s when all 12 episodes of the show, in which Carol Burnett and her young friends will dish out advice to their famous guests, will launch. Further adding to the potential for contamination are DJ Khaled, Candace Cameron Bure, Taraji P. Henson, Derek Hough, Russell Peters, Julie Bowen, Lisa Kudrow, Brittany Snow, Mark Cuban, Finn Wolfhard, Wanda Sykes, and Billy Eichner.

I am publishing this post in hopes that someone, somewhere, will be able to produce a cure in time, but I implore you: Do not try to use this information to create your own unscripted reality series at home.