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Titanic Sinks to Fourth-Highest Domestic Gross of All Time After Hitting Black Panther

The lost Titanic being towed out of Belfast Harbor.
The lost Titanic being towed out of Belfast Harbor. New York Times

HOLLYWOOD, April 8.—The White Star trade paper Variety reports by wireless this evening that the Cunarder Carpathia reached, at daybreak this morning, the position from which wireless calls for help were sent out last night by Titanic after her collision with Black Panther. The Carpathia found only lifeboats and the wreckage of what had been the third-highest domestic grossing film of all time.

Titanic had foundered at $659,363,944 in total domestic box office. This is about $9 million due south of the estimated $668 million in domestic gross at which Black Panther will be found by weekend’s close. All of Titanic’s theatrical re-releases are accounted for and about 211 million souls have been saved from the film’s audience, most of the latter presumably women and children.


The Leyland liner California is remaining and searching the position of the disaster, while the Carpathia is returning to New York with the survivors.

Partial List of the Saved

Following is a partial list of survivors among the first-class cast and crew of Titanic, received by the Marconi wireless station this morning from the Carpathia, via the steamship Olympic:

Mr. Leonardo D——— and entourage.
Mrs. Ned Rocknroll.
Mr. J.F. Cameron.
Mrs. Kathy Campisi.
Mr. William G. Zane.

Among the prominent names feared lost are Mr. William Paxton and Mrs. Arthur Sheekman. The Marconi station reports that it missed the word after “Mr. Leonardo D.” In a list received by the Associated Press this morning this name appeared well-down, but in Slate’s list it is first, suggesting that the name of Mr. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is intended. This supposition is strengthened by the fact that, except for Mr. Paxton, Mr. DiCaprio is the only name in the “A” column of the film’s credits attended by an entourage.