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If You Suffer From Chiroptophobia, You Will Probably Hate the Weeknd’s New Music Video

Bruce Wayne is quaking in his boots right now. The Weeknd dropped a new music video on Thursday for “Call Out My Name,” which opens with the singer walking along a deserted street at dusk (or maybe dawn). The moody atmosphere certainly matches the lyrics: “We found each other/ I helped you out of a broken place/ You gave me comfort/ But falling for you was my mistake.”

But when the Weeknd opens his mouth to sing the chorus, it unleashes something very unexpected: a colony of bats. It’s just the first of many surreal moments in the Grant Singer–directed video, including some more unusual creatures and visuals straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And yet, nothing is quite as surprising after the initial shock of the Weeknd doing his best imitation of Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile.

In other words: