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Samantha Bee Calls Out “Racist, Warmongering Homophobe” Mike Pompeo

Trump has a fabulous record of nominating unqualified bigots to serve our government. Most recent examples include anti-immigrant judicial nominee Michael Truncale and allegedly “flat-out unethical” Department of Veteran Affairs nominee Ronny Jackson. But some are saying that Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo is Trump’s worst pick yet—and if you’re too burnt out on depressing political news, don’t worry. Samantha Bee is here to tell you why.

As she tells it, Pompeo’s nomination posits a diplomatic nightmare of epic proportions: the potential Secretary of State is famously anti-Muslim (he received ACT for America’s highest honor) and pals around with notable right-wing conspiracy theorists like Secure Freedom Radio host (and “escaped Westworld robot”) Frank Gaffney. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act, and called homosexuality a perversion. That all makes sense according to Bee, who joked that, “to Republicans, straight women are just the gays of heterosexuality,” and that combined homophobia and Islamophobia is “what Republicans call intersectionality.”

A homophobic Secretary of State presents notable diplomacy concerns: “The secretary of state represents American values to the rest of the world, and a homophobic secretary of state will do nothing to assert values of tolerance in anti-gay countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan … and the United States.” (That last dig is perhaps a half-joke, but I think we all know it’s quite serious.)

In summary, I’ll leave you with some final words from Bee:

At a time when our tantrum-throwing, garbage pail kid of a president has fired most of the grown-ups who were reigning in his worst instincts, it’s more important than ever to have a Secretary of State who’s willing to stand up to him when necessary. Unfortunately, Pompeo is even more of a balls-out, warmonger nut job than the president.