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A Celebrity Did Something Dumb on Twitter and It Was Delightful Instead of Horrifying

Lakeith Stanfield at the 90th Annual Academy Awards.
Finally, a celebrity who knows how to do weird Twitter right.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Fact: Twitter is not kind to celebrities who tweet offensive, confusing, or weird things. In fact, it may very well be one of the fastest ways to tarnish one’s career and become a social pariah. But on Thursday Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield (known for his always entertaining, typically bizarre social media presence) did a dumb celebrity thing, and it wasn’t sad or shocking to witness. In fact, it was rather endearing, and started out, simply enough, with his phone number. Behold, your feel-good, absolutely hilarious since-deleted Twitter story of the day, because you know we could all use one right now.

Lakeith Stanfield tweeted his phone number and that was a bad idea.
Screenshot of Lakeith Stanfield’s tweets.

Slow clap for this person’s perfect movie tie-in zinger.