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Laura Ingraham Stops by “Weekend Update” to Announce Her Exciting New Sponsors

Things aren’t looking good for Fox News personality Laura Ingraham. Ever since she mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for his “whine” about college rejections, her show has been hemorrhaging sponsors. At least 27 companies have now pulled their ads from The Ingraham Angle (Hogg’s call for a boycott may have had a little something to do with it), while Ingraham herself was compelled to take a “vacation” from hosting over Easter.

But you wouldn’t know it from the defiant zeal Kate McKinnon brought to her new Ingraham impersonation on Saturday Night Live—or would you? McKinnon’s Ingraham, back from a “planned vacation”—“so fun and so planned and so scheduled a long time ago!”—stopped by “Weekend Update” to share the names and slogans of some of her new-and-improved sponsors. Who needs Hulu or Nestlé when you have Carl’s Sr.? “Leftover Carl’s Jr. Food ground to mush for old people!” Or what about Your Pillow, from the makers of My Pillow? “Send us your pillow. We need more pillows.” Ingraham has returned to the air with great relish, and not just because she now has Shkreli’s Jelly—“it’s just jelly that’s $8,000 a jar”— for a sponsor. The embattled host is ready to defend the First Amendment, otherwise known as her right to bully without being bullied in return—or as Matthew Dessem put it in Slate, “If the First Amendment Means Anything, It Means Advertisers Have to Lavishly Fund a TV Show Where I’m a Jerk to High Schoolers.

Advertisers may be boycotting Ingraham’s show by the dozen, but McKinnon-as-
Ingraham is appealing to viewers not to abandon her too. “Our country’s so divided right now, and I’m an important part of that,” she said. “Let’s move on. You know I’m gonna say something worse. Why don’t you just watch the show and find out what that’s gonna be?” For that inevitable moment when she does say something worse, at least she’s always got Malaysian Airlines: “Caught in a scandal and need an escape? Malaysian Airlines.”