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You’ve Heard of “Pussyhats.” Now Allow Janelle Monáe’s New Music Video to Introduce You to “Pussypants.”

Lots of things are pink in the new music video for Janelle Monáe’s “PYNK.” A convertible. A strawberry milkshake. Lipstick. Bubblegum. A very suggestive grapefruit. But the pinkest thing in the musician’s latest queer masterpiece has to be a pair of poofy full-length pants fashioned to look like a vagina, complete with vulva ruffles. Forget pussyhats. This is way better.

Monáe wears her pussypants for a set piece in the desert, joined by backup dancers in similar attire as she croons the song’s suggestive lyrics: “Pink like the inside of your, baby/ Pink behind all of the doors, crazy/ Pink like the tongue that goes down, maybe/ Pink like the paradise found.” At one point, Monáe’s rumored paramour Tessa Thompson even pokes her head through Monáe’s pussified legs, which is not terribly subtle but does get the message across.

Sure, it’s the most flamboyant outfit in the video, but just barely: Later, Monáe sports a pair of tighty-whities with “Sex Cells” emblazoned across the front and visible pubic hair spilling out of the bottom.