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Weird Al’s NYT Crossword Puzzle Is All About Cheesy Pop Culture

An elderly man fills in the crossword prior to Christmas eve dinner on December 24, 2014, at the St. Joseph retirement home in Nantes.
Everyone can tackle the world’s most notorious crossword today.
GEORGES GOBET / Getty Images

If you’re a puzzler without a subscription to the beloved New York Times Crossword, today is your lucky day: While the section typically requires a separate subscription from the paper itself, Wednesday’s installment, created by Weird Al Yankovic and Eric Berlin, is publicly available as a part of its ongoing, 75th anniversary series featuring celebrity-helmed crosswords. Berlin shared a PDF of the puzzle in a Tweet early Wednesday morning, and if previous celebrity puzzles are any indication, this one will soon be available to play online as well.

The Times crossword gets progressively harder as the week goes on, although pop culture mavens and pun enthusiasts alike may find a few wins here. The Times’ column on the puzzle explains its theme—cheese-related puns on all things pop culture—and breaks down its more difficult clues. If you get stuck, you might want to give it a read, but crossword purists will probably want to avoid the spoilers.

As the Times highlights in their column, Yankovic was an ideal crossword candidate: “Who would be more perfect for the cruciverbal arts than the man who turned Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” into a song about bad writing?” We just might be living in a Puzzler’s Paradise.