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Photographic Proof That Daniel Day-Lewis Rides the Subway, Still Uses a Flip Phone

Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis arrives for a press conference for the premiere of his new film 'Phantom Thread' in Athens on February 1, 2018.
Flip phone not pictured.

Some actors are so intensely private it’s a treat to learn anything about them, especially if it’s weird. Take Daniel Day-Lewis, for instance: In January, Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson was asked by Time Out London if he and his star Daniel Day-Lewis use emojis in their text message exchanges. “No, he’s got a fucking flip phone,” Anderson responded.

Now, thanks to perceptive culture writer Karen Han, there is undeniable proof*:

Stars: They’re just like us. Circa 2005.

*Correction, April 5, 2018: This post originally misspelled Karen Han’s last name.