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Blumhouse Is Producing a Movie Based on the Viral “Worst Roommate Ever” Story

The New York Magazine story on the "Worst Roommate Ever," coming to a theater near you.
No doubt it’ll be truly horrifying. Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Thinkstock.

If you read the February New York magazine feature “Worst Roommate Ever” with a mixture of shock and dread, there’ll be even more where that came from: Horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, The Purge) has acquired the rights to William Brennan’s viral story about how serial squatter/alleged murderer Jamison Bachman terrorized Philadelphia woman Alex Miller (and many, many others). Bachman attacked Miller and invaded her space, all with the intent of making her life miserable and claiming it for his own.

Blumhouse, which rose to prominence after scoring low-budget glory with 2007’s Paranormal Activity, will also produce a TV docu-series on the case, which Brennan will co-executive produce. “Worst Roommate Ever” offers a unique brand of creepiness as a piece about slow-burn home invasion, and will be excellent fodder for anyone morbidly fascinated with stories of unwanted apartment dwellers and sociopaths.

Correction, April 19, 2018: This post originally misstated when Paranormal Activity was released. It was in 2007, not 2002.