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Trevor Noah Takes a Look at Sam Nunberg’s All-Day Meltdown

Imagine the kind of herculean efforts it would take at this point for a Trump associate to earn a reputation as “the crazy one.” (And we’re only a year in!) We may never know exactly what motivated Sam Nunberg’s day-long run at Anthony Scaramucci’s title, but the glory lies in the attempt, not the cause or the outcome, and attention must be paid. So Trevor Noah took a look at Nunberg’s erratic tour of the cable news shows on Tuesday, and let’s just say that editing his most striking statements over the course of the day into a brief montage doesn’t make anyone involved look more in touch with reality.

Unfortunately for Nunberg, it also doesn’t put Scaramucci’s championship belt in any serious risk. Although the voluble former Trump aide did his best, hurling insults and dishing dirt on his one-time compatriots, he never quite reached the poetic heights of the Mooch’s “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.” That’s got to be a disappointment for Nunberg, who shredded his own reputation on the national stage—again!—for a silver medal at best. Still, as Noah points out, there was one moment when it seemed like Nunberg had a chance:

Me? I’m not going to jail.

Do you think I’m going to jail?

It’s a powerful reminder that when it comes to the Trump administration, the only horserace that matters is a frog-march.