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Watch Out, Jared Leto. Tommy Wiseau Is Auditioning to Play the Joker.

Jack Nicholson. Heath Ledger. Mark Hamill. And now … Tommy Wiseau? The list of actors to play the Joker onscreen may soon add a new name, if the filmmaker behind The Room gets his way. Wiseau has been lobbying to play the Batman villain in Todd Phillips’ Joker origin movie ever since news broke that Joaquin Phoenix is the first choice for the part. Wiseau’s collaborator Greg Sestero has even said he’s game to play Bruce Wayne. But Nerdist has taken things a step further by actually letting Wiseau audition for the role, and you know what? I’m sold.

Sestero told Slate in an interview that his new, upcoming movie, Best F(r)iends, will be the first time Wiseau has been put in a role that takes him seriously. But frankly, it’s hard to imagine any role Wiseau is better suited for than the Joker. Jared Leto’s creepy method-acting on the set of Suicide Squad is nothing compared to the persona Wiseau has cultivated for years—even his, shall we say, distinctive laugh falls right into place while in character as the addled supervillain. Watch the audition tape and try to tell me that you wouldn’t want to watch two more hours of Wiseau doing … whatever it is he’s doing.