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The Thor: Ragnarok Honest Trailer Has an Important Message for Marvel: “Don’t Fire The Weirdo”

We may never find out what Edgar Wright’s version of Ant-Man would have looked like, because the director abruptly left the production in 2014 after years of working on the project. “I wanted to make a Marvel movie, but I don’t think they really wanted to make an Edgar Wright movie,” he told Variety’s Playback podcast.

Marvel might regret interfering with Wright’s vision for the film after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, because, as Screen Junkies’ new Honest Trailer breaks down, the new Thor movie’s triumph can be attributed to the following advice: “Don’t fire the weirdo. Embrace him.” The weirdo in question in this case is director Taika Waititi, who gave us an installment “that trims all the dead weight off the franchise,” stripping away Thor’s love interest, his home world, and even his hammer.

In their place, Waititi gave us more jokes, visuals that look like they’re actually based on a comic book, and plenty of Jeff Goldblum. “Because when you’re part of a 14-billion-dollar global franchise, why TF not?” Let’s hope the folks behind Solo: A Star Wars Story don’t come to regret not taking that advice.