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Roseanne Season 2 Is Officially Happening

The Roseanne reboot is here to stay.
The Roseanne reboot is here to stay. Adam Rose/ABC

The Conner family isn’t going anywhere: Following the premiere of the Roseanne reboot earlier this week, ABC just announced that the show will be getting a second season.

This is hardly a surprise considering the incredibly impressive ratings the reboot has netted so far. (The first episode’s numbers are now reportedly up to 21.8 million with delayed viewing factored in.) Throw in the debates and pronouncements across political lines around what exactly this white working-class family “means” in 2018, and ABC undoubtedly has a massive hit on its hands. Even our president couldn’t help but revel in the country’s unabashed interest in the show!

So love it, hate it, or feel anxious about how much you kind of enjoyed its return. Roseanne is here to stay.