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The Lonely Island Wrote an Unused Song for the Oscars That Asks “Why Not The Snowman?”

The Snowman is so much more than just a strange Val Kilmer vehicle with a meme-worthy tagline—at least, according to The Lonely Island. The musical comedy trio has released a new song “Why Not Me?” that they say they wrote for this year’s Academy Awards. They claim it was cut for being “financially and logistically impossible,” but I strongly suspect that the musical number was actually rejected because of anti–The Snowman bias in the Academy, because the song includes a verse meant to be sung by Michael Fassbender that defends his very poorly reviewed film.

Besides Fassbender pleading his case (“I thought it was a neat idea”), the song also imagines superheroes like Thor, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman wondering what they did to deserve their Oscar snubs. After all, as “Why Not Me?” points out, they saved the world while all Lady Bird did was get into NYU.