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Donald Trump Said Some Reasonable Stuff About Gun Control and It’s Blowing Stephen Colbert’s Mind

It’s rare to see Stephen Colbert speechless, but he came close on Wednesday night, telling the audience, “I have no explanation for what happened this afternoon.” He was talking about Donald Trump’s gun legislation meeting, in which the president emphatically supported a number of Democratic positions on gun control and went even further, chastising Republicans in the room for being beholden to the NRA.

“I think that’s great,” Colbert said of the bipartisan meeting. “We need to find any solution that does not involve an imaginary Donald Trump stopping an attack with karate.” But when it came to the content of the meeting, Colbert’s mind was blown by the president’s apparent reasonableness, offering a glimpse of “the camera inside my skull” to see the effect that agreeing with Trump had on his brain. (Before your own skull is similarly filled with the “What’s happening?!” scream from Poltergeist, it’s worth remembering that, like most of what comes out of Trump’s mouth, his statements on gun control should be taken with an entire shaker of salt—remember what happened with DACA?)

In other gun control news, Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced that it will no longer sell assault rifles, which sounds like a positive development, but Colbert pointed out that the announcement also raised the question: “Dick’s Sporting Goods was selling assault rifles? Who else is selling weapons at the mall? Does Yankee Candle have flamethrowers?”