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Seth Meyers Races Through Another Weekend’s Worth of Trump Catastrophes

Monday episodes of Late Night with Seth Meyers are a special treat. Back in the pre-Trump era, the show’s “A Closer Look” segments were often reserved for a John-Oliver-style piece on a single topic (hence the title, presumably). But they’ve long since been broadened into “Weekend Update” type overviews in an attempt to keep up with the manic pace of our national implosion. On Mondays, Meyers has three days of new developments to cram in, and the result is as much fun as watching Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory. Meyers acknowledges the challenge, opening the segment by ruefully shaking his head and exclaiming, “Man, crazy shit happens so fast in this presidency, sometimes it feels like I’m binge watching it.” Here’s a brief rundown of everything he takes a closer look at:


• The president suing Stormy Daniels.
• Trump’s inconsistency about how well he knows Putin.
• Facebook suspending Cambridge Analytica.
• Trump’s Twitter tirade against Robert Mueller.
• Trump’s tweets about Andrew McCabe.
• Trump firing McCabe.
• Trump firing James Comey.
• McCabe’s claim that he has memos about his meetings with Trump and Trump’s reaction.
• Trump’s incentives and possible consequences if he fires Robert Mueller.

That is a lot to cram into nine minutes of late night television, and it’s a tribute to Meyers that he makes it through so much news and necessary context while still finding time to make a joke about the president hiring lawyers named “Harder” and “Stonerock” to sue an adult actress. But it doesn’t seem like the pace of the news is likely to slow down soon, so sooner or later, the show will have to either narrow its focus or hire the Micro Machine man.