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Seth Meyers: Jared Kushner’s New Security Clearance Level “Sounds Like Something You’d Make Up to Tell a Child”

Seth Meyers called this “one of the most chaotic weeks in Donald Trump’s presidency,” and that’s saying something. Meyers examined the latest batch of scandals in the White House and roasted Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, over a New York Times report that his family’s business received a half-billion dollars in loans from companies after meetings with executives at the White House. “You know that thing where a friend asks you for money because he’s in a jam and you decide, hey, he’s your friend, so you’ll help him out?” asked Meyers. “So you say, How much do you need? and he says, Half a billion dollars, and then you say, What the fuck did you do?

Besides that scandal and looking like “the ghost of a boy Trump killed with an errant tee shot” in the background of every photo, the other big Kushner news this week is his security clearance downgrade, which follows reports that foreign officials consider him easily manipulated. Kushner went from “top secret” to “secret,” which is the same level held by some domestic staff. “Also, ‘secret level’ sounds like something you’d make up to tell a child,” said Meyers, before putting on his best Lil Kushner voice: “I’m gonna put my drawings up on the fridge!”