Forget Usain Bolt. These Centenarian Track Stars Are the World’s Most Amazing Athletes.

As someone who has spent the last three days sitting on my couch watching college basketball, I do not appreciate USA Track & Field mocking my indolence by highlighting a group of active, spry centenarians. I am glad, however, that the USATF Twitter account has introduced me to my new favorite track and field star. His name is Orville Rogers, he is 100 years old, and he runs like the T-1000 hot on John Connor’s tail. The above video is from the USATF Masters Indoor Championships in Landover, Maryland, where Rogers set the 60-meter world record in the 100-plus age group.

A photo finish it wasn’t, which is appropriate given that all the competitors were born before the advent of strobe photography. On Friday, Rogers also set a (pending) world record for the 100-plus age group in the 400 meters, clocking in at 4:16.90. Rogers is a fixture in senior track and field meets (called “masters” events), and he holds seven U.S. track records for the 95-99 age group. Him aging into the 100-plus group just isn’t fair.

Rogers absolutely dusting the competition is fun, but for a more competitive race, check out 102-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins’ late push to set the world record for the 60 meters in the 100-plus age group.

Nothing raises the ol’ resting heart rate like seeing the greatest generation haul some ass. Now, if you excuse me, I have a long day of sedentary screen time planned and I would hate to fall behind.