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Jimmy Kimmel Covers Trump’s Pittsburgh Rant and Calls Out the Crazies

As always, there’s one thing that we can all count on when an unpredictable firebrand becomes the President: great late-night TV content. Our favorite hosts’ monologues have been writing themselves for the past two years, and their momentum has barely waned. Yesterday, monologue writers were gifted some old-school Trump nonsense, as the POTUS attended a rally for a Republican congressman in Pittsburgh and took the opportunity to do his two favorite things: publicly diss people and crow about himself. Jimmy Kimmel broke down the gibberish last night.

Trump went on for over an hour, bragging about his part in the winter Olympics (nonexistent) and being better looking than Conor Lamb (objectively untrue). The most jaw-dropping declaration, however, comes in at the 1:15-mark, when he tells a story about an interview he did for Meet the Press. Trump slams current Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, calling him “sleepy-eyes Chuck Todd” and “a sleepy son of a bitch.”

Kimmel’s resulting giggles are unavoidable, especially as he fires up to deliver this brilliant line:

He’s a sleepy son of a bitch? Then what is your friend Ben Carson, Methuselah?

Jimmy Kimmel then gives the rundown on Chuck Todd’s drowsy interview of treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin before launching into a special edition of “Drunk Donald Trump.” The Live gag, which basically just slows down clips of Trump and lets him pull all the “acting drunk” weight, kicks off hilariously with a shot of Trump blearily turning around before addressing the crowd.

Keep doing what you do, Jimmy. We’ve got to find some way to laugh this.