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Bill Hader Knows Just the Saturday Night Live Sketch For You

Saturday Night Live’s hottest sketch is “Weekend Update – Stefon on St. Patrick’s Day!” Located in the abandoned ruins of a zoo enthusiast website, this Saturday Night Live sketch has everything: Stefon, Bill Hader, Bill Hader playing Stefon, Roman J. Israel … And look, is that Stefon co-creator John Mulaney? And of course, “Weekend Update – Stefon on St. Patrick’s Day” is the only place to play New York’s hottest parlor game: Tontine. That’s where you and your closest friends try to figure out if Stefon’s use of “little people” instead of “midgets” makes up for the fact that they’re still part of the tableau whenever he wants a club to seem particularly bacchanalian, then halfway through you get bored and murder everyone for the insurance money.