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Tom Hardy and a Capsule of Black Goo Star in the Venom Teaser. But Where’s the Supervillain?

Tom Hardy screaming in pain has become a small meme among commenters.
When Sony drops a Venom trailer and you don’t get to see Venom.
Venom/Sony Pictures Entertainment

The teaser trailer for Venom, the latest Spider-Man universe spin-off, is here, and it is here to tease.

The first-look trailer for Marvel’s latest project dropped on Thursday following months of secrecy, and it’s still, well, pretty secret. Venom—the Spider-Man antihero created when the alien Venom Symbiote bonds with a human host—is nowhere to be found, though his host, Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy), is seen undergoing a CT scan. He appears to be in some pain at the end, so much so that his expression has become somewhat of a YouTube meme. Commenters have suggested Hardy’s distressed face at 1:16 is either the reaction you have “when your favorite show is cancelled,” “when you remember a point you could’ve used in an argument you had ages ago,” or simply “the women’s march.” (Same, sister.) Or perhaps it really ought to be “when Sony drops a Venom trailer and you don’t get to see Venom.”

The only glimpse of the corrupting super-force comes about one minute in, in the form of a capsule of gooey, black liquid. Though we don’t actually see the goo merge with Brock, the trailer is heavy on the darkness. “We’ve all got our own problems, our own issues, our own… demons,” says Hardy.

The movie isn’t out until Oct. 5, so we can probably expect many more months of teasing before then.