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Watch the First Clip from Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

The theatrical release of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is still six weeks away, and the first reviews won’t surface until its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb. 15, but you can tide yourself over with a clip from the film that makes it seem a little darker than the trailers have thus far let on.

From what we know so far, the movie takes place on an island off the coast of Japan where the mayor of Megasaki City has banished dogs after an outbreak of “canine flu.” The trailers have mainly focused on the story of the young boy who heads to the island, which was previously used as a garbage dump, in search of his lost pup, but the clip reveals that a discrete animal society has sprung up there as well, one which is literally dog-eat-dog. It also shows off the movie’s style, which even more than Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox seems to underline its hand-crafted stop-motion technique—dig those cotton wool clouds. But the presence of (animated) maggots and torn, bloody ears reveals that the movie is likely to be a shade less whimsical than its previous marketing has suggested.