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Watch Bosch B’Gosh

Amazon released the trailer for the fourth season of Bosch on Tuesday, and it looks like the next season will offer everything fans of the show have come to love: great Los Angeles locations, a dark, noir-y feel, and a very strained link to the current conversation about police violence. The show’s last season featured a subplot in which Bosch’s partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) shot a suspect and had to face the consequences, including explaining to his children what he’d done, and it wasn’t handled with much skill. It’s all well and good for a police show to address the current zeitgeist, but Bosch addressed it by having a black cop shoot a guilty, white suspect with military training who turned out to be drawing a gun—in other words, the platonic ideal of a justified police shooting, with the racism angle defused to boot. Just a few months after Michael Slager’s trial for the shooting of Walter Scott ended in a mistrial, that felt like stacking the deck, a really shallow way of dealing with a serious problem. The fourth season, as the trailer makes clear, is going to plunge right back into similarly choppy waters: at least one of the plots comes from Angel’s Flight, the 1999 Harry Bosch novel about the murder of a civil rights’ attorney with a record of successfully suing the LAPD for police brutality.

It’s been a while since 1999, and some of the seams show in the trailer—the shots of a protest turning violent look more like 1992 than 2018—but fortunately for the show’s producers, police brutality hasn’t gone away in the interim. The trailer includes a shot of the actual moment a protest becomes violent, though, and it doesn’t look like it’s handled with much nuance: a protestor throws a Molotov cocktail at a police car, seemingly unprovoked. Maybe there’s a scene with a militarized police response that didn’t make the trailer, or maybe this season of Bosch will stay as frustratingly surface-level as the last one. We’ll find out April 13.