Tom Brady Taught How to Catch By Father Figure Nick Foles

It can be pretty embarrassing when a trick play doesn’t work. Look no further than the second quarter of Super Bowl LII, when the Patriots tried to use Tom Brady as a receiver. Rather than sneak one past the Philadelphia defense, New England succeeded only in making its all-time great quarterback look like the last kid picked during recess.

In the words of Brady’s wife Gisele, “My husband can not fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” She said that after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants, but we probably should assume that all supermodels are clairvoyant from now on, just to be safe.

The Patriots had reason to believe this play would work, however, as they successfully pulled off an Amendola-to-Brady pass against the Eagles in 2015.

Misty water-colored memories, as they say.

The Eagles, meanwhile, weren’t about to let Brady forget about his stone-fingered moment of futility. With Philadelphia’s offense facing 4th and goal just before halftime, coach Doug Pederson opted against playing it safe and instead went with the unorthodox strategy of making fun of Tom Brady. He did this by sending quarterback Nick Foles out as a receiver to do what Brady couldn’t.

Brady doesn’t give you many opportunities to relish his failures, so kudos to the Eagles for jumping at their chance.