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Seth Meyers Checks in on Trump’s War on Opioid Addiction (Surprise! It’s a Disaster!)

On Tuesday night, Seth Meyers took a look at Donald Trump’s handling of America’s opioid epidemic. And if you think you already know how this is going to go, you’re right: it turns out Donald Trump is not doing a very good job at handling the opioid crisis. So much so that—like every other thing in his entire presidency—it might have been better for everyone if he’d never tried to do anything at all. Here’s Trump’s big idea for fighting drug addiction:

Maybe by talking to youth and telling them, “No good! Really bad for you in every way!”

Yeah, Donald Trump just re-invented “Just Say No,” nearly four decades later. That didn’t work for marijuana, so it’s charming to think it’s going to work for addictions that begin at the doctor’s office. Meyers walks us through some of the lowlights of Trump’s approach, from appointing Kellyanne Conway to lead the fight to slashing the budget of the office nominally in charge of coordinating drug policy by 95%. It’s almost like no one involved in Trump’s battle against the opioid epidemic has given the problem any serious thought! It’s a paradox: learning more about Trump’s approach to opioids numbs the nerves and dulls the senses better than the strongest painkiller. But as with anything to do with the president, it’s the opposite of addictive.