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Viral Animal Stories Can’t Save the Mayor From Political Embarrassment in This Exclusive Portlandia Clip

The news cycle moves fast, so if you’re ever on the receiving end of some bad publicity, you should probably pray for a cute animal video to go viral. (Too bad you can’t just manufacture an unlikely friendship between a hippo and a chimpanzee—as everyone knows, it has to happen naturally.) That’s the lesson the mayor (Kyle MacLachlan) learns in this exclusive Portlandia clip, in which a forthcoming newspaper article deems Portland the most “problematic” city in America. Or as he optimistically puts it: “We’re the most something city.”

The sketch’s conceit seems like a way for Portlandia to wink at its own critics while also acknowledging Portland’s real problems with race. If only that interested some people as much as guacamole does.

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