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The Honest Trailer for This Year’s Oscar Contenders Honors the Comic Book Movies That Didn’t Get Nominated

There’s still no clear frontrunner in this year’s Best Picture race, and there are very few outcomes that would be as surprising as Moonlight’s historic (and, thanks to that envelope mixup, totally unpredictable) win in 2017. Or as Screen Junkies put it in their latest Honest Trailer: “Best. Oscars. Ever.”

The Honest Trailer for this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees assigns them alternative, more accurate titles, from The Fish Banging Movie to Three Racists Inside Ebbing, Missouri. But what’s even more satisfying is the trailer’s mocking recognition of “comic book movies that nerds think were snubbed.” I think we can all agree that Thor: Ragnarok definitely deserves the prize for Best Goldblum and that Wonder Woman would sweep any category that honors just two-thirds of a movie instead of the whole thing.

But, come on, Screen Junkies, giving Justice League the award for “Best Picture … But Only the Snyder Cut” is just twisting the knife.

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