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Evan Rachel Wood and Funny Or Die Play “Guess Who? #MeToo Edition,” a Parody Game for a Very Good Cause

Is it Harvey? Bill? Louis? Your boss? Some days, the #MeToo movement feels like a high-stakes game of Guess Who?, with each new day bringing sexual misconduct allegations against a different famous man. Now, it really is a game in this Funny or Die parody commercial for “Guess Who? #MeToo Edition,” starring Evan Rachel Wood, Kelly Marie Tran, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph, with a voiceover by Tatiana Maslany.

The rules are more or less the same as regular Guess Who?, except that if you’re a woman, then playing is mandatory. Featuring questions like “Did your person prey on men?” and “Did your person include a recipe for his cinnamon rolls in his apology?“, it’s the game that’s fun for … absolutely nobody, especially at the very end, when the sketch takes a turn from dark comedy to a full-throated PSA.

Turns out the whole thing was an advertisement for Rise, a national nonprofit that has been working to implement legislation that will protect the rights of survivors of sexual assault. Wood testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in support of the Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act, which was signed into law in 2016 but has only been passed in a handful of states.

Sitting alongside Rise’s Amanda Nguyen and Lauren Libby, Wood shared her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault and explained why she chose to testify:

 I’m here today to use my position as a artist, survivor, mother, and advocate to bring a human voice to the population of 25 million survivors in the U.S. who are currently experiencing inequality under the law and who desperately need basic civil rights. I struggle to speak to you today because I’m not sure what words are appropriate when discussing this issue. However, if you can’t hear the whole truth, you will never know true empathy, and I believe in the saying, “If we have to live through it, then you should have to hear it.”

You can watch the rest of Wood’s powerful testimony below.