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Here’s How Many Post-Credits Sequences You Need to Stay for After Black Panther

There are two.

Chadwick Boseman in the post-credits sequence of Black Panther.
Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther. Disney/Marvel Studios

By now you’re probably aware that there are two post-credit sequences that follow Black Panther. If you have yet to see the film, you should also be aware that there’s only one worth sticking around for. Lucky for you, that scene is the first of the two, and you only have to hang out in the theater for approximately 90 seconds after the conclusion in order to check it out.

The second one, on the other hand, comes after many minutes of many scrolling names (understandably, there are a lot of people to credit here) and won’t make any sense to you if you have no idea who Bucky Barnes is or the significance of White Wolf. But even if you do, it’ll still have no entertainment value to you whatsoever, so save yourself a few minutes and skip it.

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