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Daveed Diggs’ Performance as a Rapping Carrot on Sesame Street Would Make Thomas Jefferson Proud

All that time Daveed Diggs spent playing Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton on Broadway is finally paying off. Sure, Diggs won a Tony and a Grammy for his performance, and he’s gone on to do film and television, but it’s surely those Cabinet Rap Battles against Lin-Manuel Miranda that have prepared Diggs for his most intense role to date: playing a rapping carrot on Sesame Street.

Diggs was up against Rafael Casal, long the Calvin to his Hobbes, as a sweet potato in the very heated dispute to decide which vegetable Elmo should eat as a snack. (A kitchen cabinet battle, you might say.) “Elmo, add carrots to your daily routine/ And get a healthy dose of beta carotene,” rapped Diggs, backed up by James Madison a head of broccoli. “In the words of that Grouch, they can scram/ Because, well, me yams what me yams,” countered Casal.