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Are You a Newbie Excited for Black Panther? Here’s a Primer.

When Black Panther arrives in theaters on Feb. 16, comics fans will be familiar with the clandestine African nation of Wakanda, a world they’ve been visiting in books for decades. Many filmgoers, however, will be encountering this bold new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. In this video, we’ll help catch you up to speed with the Black Panther and his legacy, from his first battle with the Fantastic Four more than 50 years ago to the themes that have shaped his stories in the decades since. We’ll also cover some of the creators who have shaped his world and introduce you to a few of the characters you’ll get to know in the film, so you’ll be more than ready to immerse yourself in Ryan Coogler’s beautifully rendered world of Wakanda come opening weekend.

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