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The Trailer for Unsane, Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone-Shot Indie Thriller, Will Both Disturb and Impress You

The official trailer for Steven Sonderbergh’s secretive low-budget indie is here, and it is deeply unsettling. Unsane is a psychological horror-thriller gaslighting nightmare of a film about a woman (The Crown’s Claire Foy) who is admitted to a mental institution after she continues to see her former stalker (Joshua Leonard, of The Blair Witch Project fame) everywhere. Or is he her current stalker? In the trailer, we observe things from Foy’s character’s point of view, seeing her menacing, bespectacled ex outside doors and through hospital blinds. Huh. A film about a woman being harassed by a man, only to be told she is overreacting and delusional, victimized twice over by the man and the institutions she turns to. That, or she really is losing it.

Unsane’s plot details have been kept tightly under wraps until now. Previously, the only thing known about the film was that it was shot entirely on an iPhone. Impressive—and fitting, considering its subject matter. The trailer opens with a shot of an iPhone, filmed with an iPhone, as the protagonist, alone in her bedroom, is inundated with obsessive iMessages. It’s a stark reminder of the great and terrible power of these small, formidable devices.

Unsane will work its way into theaters/my psyche on March 23.