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The Culture Gabfest “Live From Sundance” Edition

Culture Gabfest on Oscar nominations, the Google Arts & Culture app, and Three Identical Strangers.

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This week, the critics are live from the Sundance Film Festival, where Aisha Harris of Represent joins them to discuss this year’s Oscar nominations. Can there be any satisfactory outcome other than Get Out winning Best Picture? Next, the gabbers use the Google Arts & Culture app to match their faces with famous works of art, contemplating what it feels like to recognize yourself in artwork and how the app handles race. Finally, the gabbers return to the studio to discuss Three Identical Strangers, a documentary from Sundance about triplets separated at a very young age.


Links to some of the things we discussed this week:

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Dana: The Google Arts & Culture app

Julia: The Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set

Stephen: First Aid Kit and Red Garland’s music, like the album Groovy

Outro: Rain” by the Red Garland Trio

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