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A CBS Interviewer Asked Sharon Stone Whether She’s Ever Been Sexually Harassed and She Just Laughed and Laughed

Sharon Stone, laughing
… and laughed and laughed and … Still via YouTube

A clip of Sharon Stone’s CBS News Sunday Morning interview is making the rounds on social media for Stone’s response to reporter Lee Cowan asking whether she’d ever experienced harassment.

Cowan and Stone were discussing gender equality and the Time’s Up protest at the Golden Globes, in which Stone participated, when Cowan asked, “I don’t know how to ask this in a delicate way, but were you ever in a position like that, that you felt that you were uncomfortable?”

Stone burst out laughing. Cowan then said he wasn’t sure if it was “a nervous laugh” or an “are you kidding me?” laugh, which only brought on more laughter. You can watch the exchange below, starting around the 5:09 mark.

When she did stop laughing, Stone had this to say: “I’ve been in this business for 40 years, Lee. Can you imagine the business I stepped into 40 years ago? Looking like I look, from Nowhere, Pennsylvania? I didn’t come here with any protection. I’ve seen it all.”

She did not elaborate, although later in the interview she did discuss the pressure to appear “sexy” early in her career, pointing out that her Basic Instinct character is best remembered for flashing her crotch rather than for being a sociopath.

“But a very sexy sociopath,” said Cowan.