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Saturday Night Live Introduces Next, The Antiperspirant for Men in the Age of #MeToo

Saturday Night Live ran a commercial for a deodorant whose time has come this week, as Will Ferrell, Kyle Mooney, and Alex Moffat teamed up to pitch Next, the only antiperspirant tough enough to handle Weinstein-style public disgraces. Whether you’re a high-powered sexual-harassment-crazed businessman like Ferrell, a high-powered sexual-harassment-crazed comedian like Mooney, or even a high-powered sexual-harassment-crazed actor like Moffat, Next promises to get you through human resources meetings, press conferences, and uncomfortable elevator rides without breaking a sweat. The highlight is Moffat’s smarmy actor, who needs “an antiperspirant that’s going to keep working with me, because no one else will.” His Francoesque response to a red carpet question about allegations of sexual misconduct belongs to the ages:

Lots of women are brave, but this one is, um, a liar. And no comment. 

There’s also a nice Easter egg in the product shot toward the end: in addition to “Original” scent, Next comes in “New Years,” “Grey Area,” and “College Party.” It might seem absurd to market a product to the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, but it’s only a matter of time before deodorant companies figure out what corporate intelligence firms like Black Cube and superlawyers like David Boies already know: there’s a lot of money in it! Still, if Next were a real product, it would be more of a public service than a cynical cash-in. After all, the only thing worse than a Harvey Weinstein is a Harvey Weinstein who is positively dripping with sweat.