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Pink Proves She Doesn’t Need to Dangle From the Ceiling to Give a Stunning Grammys Performance

Pink’s awards show performances are legendary, but it’s still hard to find one that tops her twirling aerial ascent over the Grammys stage in 2010 while singing “Glitter in the Air.” Rather than try to outdo herself, Pink went to the other extreme during Sunday night’s ceremony for her performance of the suffragette-inspired “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” The singer stood on a bare stage in a plain white shirt and jeans, with no elaborate choreography or special effects, and in the process, she also reminded us that she doesn’t necessarily need wild acrobatics to sell a powerful performance.

There was only one other person onstage as Pink sang: an ASL interpreter, standing off to the side and dressed in a similar outfit. It was a lovely nod toward the Deaf community—though one that would have been far more effective if the performance had been staged so that the interpreter were facing the audience, or had the camera not cut away several times during the broadcast. Still, one can hope this prompts other artists to consider making their performances more inclusive, and shows them that it’s more important than death-defying stunts.

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