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Laugh at This Hilarious Video of Trump Mispronouncing Words, and Then Despair, Because He’s the President

Remember during the presidential campaign, when Trump claimed to have “the best words”? Hoo boy, that was funny, because the president actually mispronounces words all the time. (By the way, Trump made that claim during a speech on Dec. 30, 2015, one in which he also attacked the media, made blatantly inaccurate statements about Obamacare, and said, “They’re chopping off Christians’ heads in Syria and other places and they want me to have a nice tone.” OK, just wanted to point that out, now let’s get to the hilarious video!)

Trump’s claims to have the best words sure backfired on him, as The Daily Show laid out with a supercut of Trump’s, uh, unique pronunciations. Nazzeez? U-licious? United Shates? Ha! Some of these mispronunciations can be chalked up to Trump’s Queens accent, like how Utah became “Utaur” in a speech just a few days ago. (Incidentally, and I really don’t want to distract from the comedy here, but that speech came moments before Trump signed an executive order that removed two million acres from protected national monuments, angering Native American tribes and environmental activists.)

Other pronunciations seem to be just a matter of style, like when Trump referred to the southern half of the Korean “penin-shula.” (Sorry, butting in just one more time to say, that was during the same trip where Trump told a gaggle of reporters that his plan for dealing with North Korea was “it always works out.”)

Yep, the things that come out of Trump’s mouth sure are wacky! So let’s all forget our troubles for a minute to chuckle at Trump’s pronunciation of “Jaroozum.” (Ack, this is the last time, I swear, but I feel like maybe I should mention that he said that while officially recognizing the city as the capital of Israel, a huge setback toward peace in the region that actually endangers lives.)

In any case, the video should at least be a nice distraction from Trump’s new, abominable travel ban, or from the fact that he retweeted posts from Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, an anti-Muslim bigot who has been convicted of a hate crime, or from the president throwing his support behind a senate candidate accused of being a child predator. Missuria, am I right?!