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A Prairie Home Companion Has a New, Garrison-Keillor-Free Name

Garrison Keillor, the former host of A Prairie Home Companion, attends the Moth Ball literary and charity event in New York in 2008.

Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

When Minnesota Public Radio abruptly cut ties with Garrison Keillor, who hosted public radio staple A Prairie Home Companion from 1974 until 2016, they announced that not only would Keillor’s episodes of the show—decades of them—be pulled from reruns immediately, but the show, hosted by Chris Thile since Keillor’s retirement, would also be renamed. It still isn’t clear exactly what Keillor did—he originally said he’d accidentally brushed a woman’s back with his hand, but later referenced “two employees” who made allegations against him—but we finally know A Prairie Home Companion’s new title. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Thile opened a live performance in New York on Sunday by announcing the new name: Live From Here.

Presumably, that’s Live From Here as in Live From The Apollo, not as in Live Through This, but either way, one thing is clear: wherever “Here” is, it’s not Lake Wobegon.