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Here’s A Delightful Video of Channing Tatum—Still, As Far As We Know, a Good Dude—Dancing on Kimmel

In the last month we’ve witnessed the reputations of an astonishing number of Hollywood A-listers crash and burn, and what’s been revealed about the power dynamics between men and women, and older people and younger people, within the industry has been deeply unsettling. Very necessary conversations about how to address these issues have been had and should continue to be had.

But as far as we know at this moment, Channing Tatum is still a near-perfect human being who isn’t part of the ever-growing list of Hollywood men who have been accused of victimizing women and young people in the last few weeks. So please enjoy this delightful video of him dancing while guest hosting for Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday evening. (Remember when he was pretty much the only person to emerge from the publicity nightmare that was the Sony email hacks as somehow even more endearing than he was before? Please, Chan: stay gold.)