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The Trump Boys Make Their Funniest Saturday Night Live Appearance Yet

Alex Moffat and Mikey Day’s joint appearances as Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are usually pretty good, but this weekend’s was positively transcendent. It’s not the first time Moffat, as Eric, has tried and failed to copy his brother’s gestures—the structure of this segment is exactly the same as the one where Eric kept sticking his tongue in a fidget spinner—but this time around his performance was on another level. Watch his eyes at the beginning and you’ll see a troubled, terrified man, drowning in his own stupidity and confusion; watch his eyes after Donald Trump Jr. shows him how you’re supposed to eat Fun Dip, and you’ll see a man who has just met God.

The genius of Moffat’s Eric Trump is that he seems to be at least fleetingly aware that things aren’t right. You can see this most clearly when he shows off the “deer” he shot on his last hunting trip: He plays the moment with real pathos, like on some deep level he knows that he’s the butt of a joke he doesn’t understand. Mikey Day’s character doesn’t get the same room to play—in the Trump Cinematic Universe, playing a standard-issue douchebag counts as being the straight man—but his affection for his dumb brother is the kind of mitigating factor Saturday Night Live doesn’t normally afford members of the Trump family. In a lot of ways, Moffat and Day’s Trump brothers sketches are the kindest and most generous the show’s ever been to a Trump. At least when they’re not letting them host the fucking show during an election.