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The Official Trailer for A Wrinkle in Time Has Arrived

Disney released the first official trailer for Ava DuVernay’s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time on Sunday night—that last one was just a teaser—and this time around they’re focusing on the thing we want most from trailers: exposition, and lots of it! The first minute or so of the teaser is built around an explanation of fifth-dimensional travel involving an ant and a piece of yarn. “It’s outside of the rules we know of time and space,” the film’s young protagonist Meg Murray (Storm Reid) tells us, after spending a significant amount of time explaining the rules. But all is forgiven once the trailer pivots, on a shot of a clapboard wall queasily bending and bulging, into the realm of fantasy.

Simply put, this film looked gorgeous and bizarre and interesting, and that’s just as clear in this trailer as it was in the teaser. (Although the Avatar-looking flight scene on the back of some sort of sentient head of lettuce could maybe use a touch-up.) But the details on display here are all pretty insignificant in comparison to the central shot of this trailer, the earlier teaser, and, one assumes, A Wrinkle in Time. Once you have a shot of Oprah Winfrey exhorting a young girl to “Be a warrior,” there’s not really much else you have to do to sell this movie but print tickets. Disney will be printing tickets on March 9.