Q’orianka Kilcher on Portraying a Native American Heroine

The actress talks starring in Te Ata, dealing with typecasting, and how her activism influences her work.

Q'orianka Kilcher in Te Ata (2016)
Q’orianka Kilcher in Te Ata (2016)

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by © The Chickasaw Nation/Jacquelyn Sparks

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On this episode of Represent, Aisha Harris chats with actress and activist Q’orianka Kilcher about starring in Te Ata, a biographical film about the life of Mary Thompson “Te Ata” Fisher, a Chickasaw Nation citizen who helped tell the stories of Native Americans through her performances across the country. But first, we’re joined by entrepreneur and movie fan Oni Hartstein and Slate’s own Marissa Martinelli to discuss a particular trope that keeps popping up in movies about blind characters.


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